Say Goodbye to Weeds and Hello to Healthy Grass

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Most homeowners want a lush, green lawn free of weeds and pests. With the help of Archer Hill Environmental Lawn & Tree Care, your home in Cheyenne, WY could have just that.

Because of our decades of experience, we know:

  • How much fertilizer to use and how to apply it
  • Which weed treatments have the best results
  • How often to apply both products to maintain a healthy yard
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Feed your plants what they need to flourish

Why is lawn fertilization necessary to promote healthy plant growth? According to The Lawn Institute, most fertilizers use three main nutrients to assist in the development of your lawn, including:

  • Nitrogen - Rapid plant growth | Leaf development | Photosynthesis aid
  • Phosphorus - Early root growth | Plant blooming | Seed formation
  • Potassium - Disease resistance | Stem development | Root growth
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